Well after about a year long absence, due to intense education reasons, and (for lack of a better term) about a moth long nap I'm finally trying to get back into the flow of the NG world. *cricket chirp* Please hold your applause, but I may actually do something at some point. The problem was that every time I wanted to record or draw something I'd either lose interest, work would rip me a new asshole, or some other thing would happen... For example, I was working on an honest to god demo... then my computer decided it was the best time to explode. That's not a joke either, some electric wiring shit happened and the modem literally cracked. The shock destroyed the hard drive reader and scratched the sata drive. But now that I've been getting more free time, and my computer seems like it won't spontaneously combust, I'll probably try to post more and get into doing more creative work. *silence* Thanks for the warm welcome back to the community.

New podcast about something...

2012-08-03 01:55:28 by neoander

Me and some friends of mine have decided to get together and make a podcast, about just about anything. We would apreciate more viewers and some reviews of what we've done so far. So drop us a line! We might use your questions on the show!




2012-06-11 18:21:52 by neoander

School is being it's normal drag. For all of everyone who isn't listening, I've been busy lately with alot of school paperwork. Long story short i've written out alot of voices for the demo, but I haven't been able to get around to doing it. I had a rough cut done but my computer crashed on me. Slowly but surely IT WILL BE DONE!

Voicing stuff...

2011-11-01 14:43:40 by neoander

Not sure if it's a good idea but I'm gonna try to get into some voice acting. I probably will be only doing minor/background roles anyways and that suits me fine. I'm going to try to get a demo up sometime, but it will take a while. I have to see what all I can do with my voice first. Plus what I do get I'll have to edit because I'm using a rockband mic. Heres hoping this is a good idea.


2011-01-05 11:31:08 by neoander

I'm considering splicing songs together to see what comes out... It 'might' work...


2010-12-05 21:38:16 by neoander

My artistry powers suck. So I will work on it. And then i will blow up the world with my mind... Well I'll get there... someday. Drawing now, Exploding stuff later.

I Have Some Power (Not really)

2010-07-07 05:40:22 by neoander

I've resolved to make a list of things i will someday resolve to do.

1. Get a forums signature

2. Get a regular signature

3. Make a flash

4. Change my posting display pic

5. That's all I got.

If your somewhat of an rpg fan (geek) like myself this is how you can motivate yourself to exercise. Though I don't take the advise...

I just found a bunch of these comics so this is going to be awhile...

My favorite pics

2010-05-11 17:44:35 by neoander

I found this comic that pretty much shows how romantic I am... :(

My favorite pics


2009-10-11 03:58:40 by neoander

My life suck not much to say. Nahh just joking mainly I'm tired.